Woman killed in Bhopal, doctors find Beer bottle in private parts

Woman killed in Bhopal, doctors find Beer bottle in private parts
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Bhopal: A 35-year-old woman’s naked body, with foreign objects stuffed inside her private parts, was found at her one-room home in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal. The woman had died at least three days before her body was discovered on Thursday, police said. The woman stayed with a man in Ashoka Nagar. Both of them were daily wage workers.
According to her post-mortem report, the woman was raped, assaulted with a beer bottle and soft drink can, which were found inside her private parts, before she bled to death. The doctors also found a head injury and suspect that her head was banged against a wall.
The police yesterday arrested the man she lived with; he had been missing. The man was under the influence of some substance, an officer said. While the police have been unable to establish what happened, the man has reportedly told them the woman was his fourth wife. His first two wives had left him and the third wife died mysteriously, police said.
Those who knew the couple told the police that the man suspected she was having an affair with their neighbour. The neighbour has also been missing.
Neighbours informed the police after noting a foul smell from the house. When the cops broke open the door, they found the decomposed body of the woman. They are looking for the missing neighbour.
A murder case has been filed.