Either perform or move aside: Ansari to Principals

Srinagar, May 18: Barely a few days after taking charge, the Higher Education Minister Imran Raza Ansari has asked College Principals to improve their performance and help him streamline the system.
In a stern warning to the college heads, Ansari gave them a clear choice of either to perform or move aside.
Sources said that during his maiden meeting with the College Principals, Ansari expressed his dismay over the poor performance of government colleges. The minster is understood to have told the Principals that there was mess in most of the colleges which has to be done away with.
According to sources the minster has categorically told the Principals that if they can’t streamline the system, he would be compelled to bring new faces.
When contacted, the Higher Education Minster said that he will not tolerate mess in the system and streamlining it would be his first priority. He said that College Principals have to be accountable and their performance would be taken into account. (KNS)