Allies fighting cold war?

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The new Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta has tried to stir the hornet’s nest once again by stating that his party won’t tolerate the “unilateral decisions of a particular person” and won’t repeat the mistakes which were committed by the former ministers.

Gupta has made it clear that BJP is not a junior partner in the coalition and has equal rights.
Soon after Gupta was sworn in as the Deputy Chief Minister he termed Kathua rape and murder as a “small incident.” He had to eat his words later as his utterances could have cost him his job.

Since the day BJP’s new team has joined the council of ministers, the relations between the coalition partners have been strained. It looks like that both the allies are fighting a cold war and are waiting for a chance to hit out at each other.

New Delhi endorsing Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s demand and announcing Ramadan ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir has not gone well with the state unit of BJP as it had opposed the truce suggestion. The BJP’s state unit had made it explicitly clear that it doesn’t support the CM’s demand for Ramadan ceasefire. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has prevailed, and ceasefire decision has come as a shot in the arm of the ruling PDP.

New Deputy Chief Minister is trying to make his presence felt by making noise and raking up the issues which can lead to controversies so that he could dispel the notion that BJP Ministers are second fiddles and they have no say in the government. In coming days we can expect many more dramas as both the coalition partners want to establish their supremacy over each other.