Shun unrealistic approach towards Kashmir issue: Shah to New Delhi

Srinagar, May 16: Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) chief Shabir Shah has expressed satisfaction over the fact that freedom struggle of Jammu Kashmir has successfully transferred to the new generation. He has said that it is proved by the fact that our youth have taken charge of the struggle and are sacrificing everything in its way. Shabir Shah’s family members recently met and found him very much aggrieved over the ongoing bloodshed in the disputed region. Shabir shah has sent the following message from Tihar jail.
“I am badly hurt by the killings of our youth almost on daily basis. I can understand that killing of the youth breaks the back of their parents. I am firm believer of some thinker’s saying “if you kill one rebel, 999 new rebels are produced by his blood.” Today when I am in an 8 by 6 feet cell of Tihar jail, I find myself very small in front of the youth who are facing every sort of oppression and suppression at the hands of imperialistic elements but are steadfast. I salute the great sacrifices of youth. I just ask those elements who are on a killing spree in Kashmir, how many and how long you will kill? Tyranny has finally to end. I salute the mothers who nourish the freedom loving sons.
“I want to tell New Delhi it is you who has made the Kashmir dispute bloody otherwise we firmly believe it is a political issue and can be resolved politically. But you closed every political door and started the bloody game. It is high time to accept the right to self determination of people of Jammu Kashmir which has been guaranteed by the United Nations as well. We Kashmiris want to determine our political future and once it happens, the whole world will see that we believe in peace and development. You jailed us and thought that Kashmiris will adopt silence but our younger generation has taken charge and pledged to take the mission to logical conclusion.
“I request my people, especially to youth to remember that truth is power. We all are on a sacred mission and so must not accept defeat. I promise to safeguard your great sacrifices till my last breath. I am not tired, nor am I afraid of the hardships I am going through. Be assured that 31 years of jail has only strengthened my will of freedom. I firmly believe that freedom is our fate. I stress upon New Delhi to shun the unrealistic approach towards the Kashmir issue because it can prove costly on the peace and stability of the whole region. Kashmiris want an end to their troubles by determining their political future once for all so New Delhi must shun its stubbornness and pave way for the final resolution of the issue. (KNS)