Anti Israel, anti US protests rock Kargil


Kargil, May 16: Kargil rocked with anti-Israel and anti-US protest on Wednesday. The protest was carried out against Israeli aggression and massacre in Palestine.
Hundreds of people participated in a rally under the banner of Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil. The protestors chanted anti-US and Israel slogans. The rally passed through main bazaar Kargil and culminated at Hussaini Park Kargil.
The protesters set ablaze the effigies of US and Israeli presidents.
Chairman Guardian Council IKMT Shiekh Muhammad Mohaqiq , Vice president religious affairs IKMT Sheikh Bashir Shakir addressed the gathering.
While denouncing the massacre the Speakers termed the US and Israel anti-Muslim and the biggest terrorist countries of the world. They said America and Israel are threat to global peace. (CNS)