Is your gym the right one?

Half your fat-busting battle is won if you pick a gym that you will actually head to

While most people choose a gym based on how far it stands from their home or office, experts suggest that you pick one that matches your goals. Ask yourself whether you want to lose weight, up your endurance for the marathon, prepare for a competition? Once you’ve figured that one, pick one from the list below that works best. And yes, before you pay up for an annual membership, ask for a one-day or one-week trial run.
The all-ladies gym
If you are a woman, and exercising for the first time, you might get awkward in a co-ed gym. Most cities have women only gyms, or those that offer women-only slots. The support the ladies end up offering each other works towards upping confidence.
The fancy gym
If the latest new class in town is your thing or you like a view of the sea when you walk the treadmill, you need to enrol at an upscale gym. These are those that offer innovative programmes, new group fitness classes and the latest equipment. And then, they’ll throw in the frills — free WiFi and valet parking. What they expect from you in return is premium payment.
The no frills gym
This is the opposite of the first — no scented towels and personal lockers. Get everything you need with you. Make sure you inquire about hours of operation because these are unlikely to stay open until late or up shutters at dawn. The upside: they offer great discounts, so if you know what to do and need gadgets to do it with, this is for you. Here’s a tip: take photos on your phone of the accurate way to use the equipment so that you won’t hit a roadblock in the absence of a personal trainer.
The sports club
If you are the athletic sort, and dig swimming, squash and other sport, sign up at a gym that offers facilities to play these. You will have to pay more than you would at a standard gym but you get to enjoy the best of both, so it’s worth it.
The circuit gym
This one’s for the busy guys. Circuit-style gyms are good for those pressed for time because they don’t require you to figure which machine you need to use. Most offer a mix of cardio and strength training. You do what you came to do, and you are out in no time; the workout is precise.