Indonesia’s ‘bomber children’ had been kept isolated

The parents of Indonesian children and young adults who took part in deadly suicide bombings in Surabaya had isolated them within a tightly knit circle of militant Islamists, police said on Tuesday. A family of six killed at least 13 people by bombing three churches in Surabaya on Sunday.
On Monday, another militant family of five riding two motorbikes blew themselves up at a police checkpoint in the city, wounding 10 people and killing four of the family and two others. An eight-year-old daughter survived.
“These children have been indoctrinated by their parents. It seems they did not interact much with others,” East Java Police Chief Machfud Arifin told reporters.
The eight-year-old daughter who survived did not have explosives strapped to her, but was thrown three m (10 ft) into the air by the blast and was receiving intensive care in hospital, police said.“She’s conscious. She will be accompanied by relatives and social workers when questioned by police,” said Mr. Arifin. Police in Sidoarjo, near Surabaya, recovered pipe bombs at an apartment where a blast on Sunday killed three members of a family alleged to have been making bombs. Three children survived and in interviews with police described how they had interacted only with parents and adults of similar ideology.
Every Sunday evening they were made to attend a prayer circle with these adults, said Mr. Arifin, adding that the families behind the two sets of suicide attacks had attended.
Police said that the fathers of the families involved in the church bombing and the apartment in Sidoarjo where bombs were found were also friends.