Ensure safety of Kashmiris

Kashmiri family being attacked by a few miscreants in New Delhi last week has triggered outrage across the Valley.
The incident has created fear among the Kashmiris putting up in different states and they fear for their lives. It’s unfortunate that a helpless girl was beaten for no fault. The video of the beating up of the helpless victim went viral and it shocked everyone.
Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti took a serious note of the issue and wrote to Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of New Delhi, and asked him to ensure the safety of the Kashmiris staying in New Delhi.
It’s not for the first time that Kashmiris have been attacked. It has been happening for a longtime now. It’s unfortunate that Kashmiris have become soft targets and miscreants wait for a chance to target them.
When the miscreants were beating that poor girl no one came forward to help her. It looked like that the mob wanted to lynch her but luckily the tragedy was averted.
The Jammu and Kashmir government had set a much hyped Helpline for the people to register their complaints if any such incident takes. But these Help lines vanished soon after these were set up.
The state government has to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in future and the Kashmiris who are in other states are not harassed. The J&K government should seek help from the Government of India to ensure the safety of the Kashmiris in other states. The GoI would have to prevail upon other states to make Kashmiris feel safe and secure. Otherwise such incidents would keep on happening.