Super benefits of ginger you did not know

Here are some benefits of ginger that will have you biting into it.
Ginger is one condiment which not just spices up your food and gives it the punch; it also comes with a lot of health and beauty benefits. Here are some of them –
Bite into a small piece of ginger before a meal and it will help increase your appetite. Ginger can get your digestive juices working.
Ginger absorbs essential nutrients in the body.
If you are feeling nauseous, chew on to some ginger, preferably with a splash of honey.
Bogged down with stomach cramps? Chew on to some ginger for relief.
Suffering from pain in joints? Bite into ginger and feel the relief.
Ginger tea is great for a soar throat and a blocked nose.
Ginger also has aphrodisiac properties to spice up your life.