Suicide bombers target police in Afghan capital


Kabul: Suicide bombers struck two police stations in Afghanistan’s capital on Wednesday, killing at least two police and wounding several other people, officials said.
Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said the first suicide bomber attacked a station in the western part of Kabul, killing at least two police.
He said there was sporadic gunfire after the blast, as a “cleanup operation” was carried out.
Daesh claimed responsibility for the first attack in a heavily Shia-populated neighbourhood in the city’s west, which police spokesman Hashmatullah Estanakzai told AFP news agency had ended.
“Two attackers were killed. Two policemen also lost their lives and two policemen are wounded,” Estanakzai said.
Kabul police chief Gen Daud Amin said a separate attack in in Shar-e-Naw neighbourhood in downtown Kabul, in which a suicide bomber struck at the entrance to a police station, set off fighting that was still underway.
He said gunmen occupied a nearby building, from which they were firing at security forces.
Asam, the head of the Kabul ambulance service, who only has one name, said six people have been transferred to hospitals. The toll was expected to rise.
Taliban step up attacks
The Taliban and Daesh frequently target Afghanistan’s Western-backed government and security forces.
Elsewhere in Afghanistan, the Taliban advanced on a district compound, officials said, with one reporting the capture of the northern district by the fighters and another saying heavy fighting was still underway.
The battle for the compound in the Bilchirgh district, in the northern Faryab province, came a day after the militants captured the district compound in the remote Tala wa Barfak district, in the northern Baghlan province.
The Taliban have captured several districts in different parts of the country from Afghan security forces since 2014, when the US and NATO formally concluded their combat mission and shifted to a supporting role.
Mohammad Hashim, a member of parliament from Faryab province, said the Taliban captured the district headquarters in Bilchirgh early on Wednesday after more than 40 security forces retreated under heavy fire.
He said the Taliban also captured several villages nearby.
Provincial police spokesman Abdul Karim Yuresh said the fighting was still underway and that government forces still held the compound.