Russia’s Putin Hits Out At U.S. In Red Square Parade Speech

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued veiled criticism of the United States in a speech before a Red Square parade marking the anniversary of Germany’s defeat in World War II, listing “pretentions to exceptionalism” as a factor that drove Nazi aggression and saying such attitudes remain a threat to global security today.
As former Soviet republics marked May 9 in starkly different ways, meanwhile, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called Russia an aggressor and likened Kyiv’s conflict with Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine to the defense against the Nazi onslaught decades ago.
Putin spoke on Moscow’s Red Square, addressing an annual Victory Day military parade two days after he was sworn in for a fourth presidential term. Thousands of troops marched, and heavy weapons such as Iskander missile launchers rolled across the cobblestone square in a show of might at the start of a six-year term that comes amid severe tension with the West over Moscow’s military action in Ukraine and Syria, among other issues.