Dry tongue of sun: Water crisis in several places, locals forced to buy water

Rameswaram: As intense heat condition prevails across Tamil Nadu, locals complain of water crisis in Rameswaram town as groundwater level drops with increase in temperature.
The locals are disappointed as no action has been taken in the regard by the higher officials.
“Water scarcity this season is very acute, evident from the fact that perennial wells have also gone dry. We are forced to buy a pot of water for Rs 5,” say locals.
Locals have urged the state government to provide sufficient supply of water but their requests seem to have fallen on deaf ears.
Water scarcity has been a pressing problem in Tamil Nadu. It has affected agriculture in a huge way. It has even forced farmers in to abandon cultivation of the water-intensive paddy.
In Madhya Pradesh’s Tikramgarh town also, villagers have to travel several kilometers before accessing drinking water.
Women have to walj about five kilometres everyday through the forests to collect water and schemes launched by both Central and State governments have failed to reach them.
Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district is also squirming under acute shortage of water.
Wells have gone dry and standposts also do not provide any respite.
Borewells have dried up in Chhattisgarh and in Rajnandgaon village, around 70 km from state capital Raipur, residents have to toil 5-6 km daily to fetch drinking water.