Centre approves green licence plates for electric cars

New Delhi: The central government approved green licence plates for electric vehicles in India, the minister for transport announced on Monday, a week after the Supreme Court suggested that use of electric vehicles should be encouraged.
A notification will be issued in a week.
Minister for Transport Nitin Gadkari said at a press briefing the central government would make it mandatory for taxi aggregators to have a certain percentage of electric vehicles in their fleet.
Private electric cars will have their registration numbers in white font on green license plates, and taxis will have their numbers in yellow font.
The minister said that the central government was also thinking of allowing youth between 16 and 18 to drive electric scooters.
The Supreme Court suggested on May 2 that the central government should encourage the use of electric cars in the country when the latter voiced its helplessness about rising diesel prices and exacerbating pollution in the country. Agencies