U.S. trains troops for front line in “hybrid war” with Russia

Yavoria: It was an ambush in a frozen pine forest. Russian-backed separatists surprised the group of Ukrainian soldiers. In the chaos, the Ukrainian forces took cover and fought back.
But they fired blanks. This time it was just an exercise, run by the U.S. military. But the Ukrainian soldiers taking part in the counter attack drill will be headed to the real front line very soon.
The U.S. is supporting its ally Ukraine in a war against Russian-backed militants. The rebels have seized swathes of territory in eastern Ukraine since 2014, in a conflict that’s killed 10,000 people by some counts.
Soldiers from the New York Army National Guard directed the training exercise in the far-west of Ukraine.
Lt Col William Murphy has been there since November, and he told CBS News the Ukrainians don’t have the equipment they need, but “what they can do with the little they have is exceptional.”