Russian Duma Expected To Confirm Medvedev For New Term As PM

Moscow: Russia’s State Duma is expected to approve PrIme Minister Dmitry Medvedev for another term at the post on May 8, a day after President Vladimir Putin nominated Medvedev to continue as prime minister.
Putin, who was sworn-in to a new six-year term as president on May 7, submitted the nomination to the lower house of parliament just hours after his formal inauguration.
The State Duma is dominated by Putin’s United Russia party and Medvedev is the party chairman.
Under Russia’s constitution, the government is obliged to resign when a new presidential term begins.
The prime minister is the No. 2 official in the Russian hierarchy, holding responsibility for the economy and answering to the president.
The 52-year-old Medvedev was steered into the presidency in 2008 by Putin, who had reached his constitutional limit of two consecutive terms.