6 Morning Rituals That Are Making You Gain Weight And Causing Belly Fat


If you are on weight loss journey and somehow finding it tough to shed those kilos, there is something that needs to be fixed right. Do not worry; you are not alone in these feelings of discouragement and frustration. Before drawing your own conclusion, let us ask you if you are starting your morning right? If all your efforts are going waste, there is a chance you are committing a mistake by following wrong practises right at the start of the day. If you haven’t known this already, your morning routine can actually prevent weight loss. Diet and exercise is a good idea, but it’s high time you sort out these mistakes.
We give you some legit reasons why you are experiencing a weight loss plateau or not getting the desired outcome you expect in spite of diligently following a strict and disciplined diet and fitness regimen.
1. Not drinking water
One of the easiest ways to enhance weight loss is load up on water first thing in the morning. Water helps kick-start your metabolism and digestive system. It also helps cleanse your system thoroughly. It reduces appetite and calorie intake in some people. Keeping yourself well-hydrated with water can totally help you lose weight successfully.
2. Not getting enough vitamin D
By vitamin D, we mean sunlight. You may be surprised by vitamin D deficiency in the body can prevent weight loss. Studies have shown that ultra-violet rays in the morning are healthy and they provide energy to the body while increasing the metabolic activity. Getting some sunlight every day in the morning may bring down the BMI and improve overall health.
3. Not Exercising in the morning
According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, early morning exercise can help you burn more calories and potentially prevent weight gain. Exercising in the morning empty stomach can help people burn more body fat and contribute to weight loss. No matter how busy your routine is, make sure you wake up early and hit the gym or play your favourite outdoor sport to encourage weight loss.
4. Skipping breakfast
Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason. It initiates your energy level your body needs to function normally and even helps in stabilising the glucose levels. Skipping breakfast only means messing up your metabolism and slowing down of body’s fat burning process. This will result in making poor food habits during the day. Eating a good breakfast will help reduce cravings and may help prevent excess hunger later in the day.
5. Eating processed foods for breakfast
If you are loading up on fried and processed foods first thing in the morning, then it can clearly sabotage your weight loss journey. They are loaded with excessive amounts of sugar and salt that can affect your overall health. You should always choose healthy alternatives like fruits, nuts, et al.
6. Oversleeping
Oversleeping will lead to an automatic delay in the breakfast timing. You will end up eating breakfast late, which will further affect your metabolism that will start later in the day. Ideally you should wake up early and ensure a healthy breakfast. Time your meals; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to reach your goals.
Make sure you are cutting these bad habits from your life. Rest assured, a healthy weight loss is on its way!