G H Mir asks Centre to declare unilateral ceasefire

Srinagar, May 6: President of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Party (Nationalist) and former minister Ghulam Hassan Mir urged the Government of India to take a bold step of declaring unilateral “Ramadhan ceasefire” to assuage the hurt of Kashmir which is deepening with the killings becoming a sickening routine.
In a statement, Mir said, “the Government of India should realise the futility of seeking gun for gun solution and take a bold step to send a message that the whole country cares for the sufferings of the people of Kashmir.”
He said, a unilateral ceasefire coinciding with the start of the holy month in the mid-May would be a “good gesture.” This can evoke a positive response as when the guns would go into the background, the peace would become a likelier phenomenon.
Mir’s statement came against the backdrop of the recent killings, particularly in Shopian in which five militants and civilians were killed on Sunday sending a wave of anger and revenge across the people.
“The country should be concerned whether the militant or civilian or for that matter security personnel get killed in clashes, our own people lose lives. This must come to an end.”
“The Centre must seize the opportunity and put a step forward to end it. (KNS)