Dalits need empowerment not packed dinners: Siddaramaiah takes dig at PM

Mumbai: Launching a scathing attack at the BJP over its Dalits outreach programme, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday said that Dalits need affirmative actions for their empowerment and not packed dinners. In a tweet Siddaramaiah said, “What Dalits need are not empty outreach strategies like having meals with them. What they need is empowerment with dignity and justice. Will you take affirmative action or will you continue to send your leaders to Dalit homes with packed dinners?”
Karnataka chief minister’s statement came on day when his target, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressed a rally in Chitradurga district of the state, which has a substantial population of Dalits and tribals.
Siddaramaiah has retweeted Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s post with this comment of his own.
Gandhi’s post contained a video that attacked the BJP for “horrific untouchability and violence against the Dalits” from its opening caption.
The BJP, with its Dinner-with-Dalits programme, is trying hard to reach out to the community; however its ministers are embarrassing the party, one after another.
Last week, Suresh Rana, a minister in the Yogi Adityanath cabinet triggered a controversy after he reportedly brought with him his own food and water at a dinner hosted at a Dalit household at Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh.
Another minister, Rajendra Pratap Singh, reportedly compared BJP leaders to Lord Ram. He said the way Lord Ram blessed Shabari (a Dalit) by eating his berries, BJP leaders were also blessing Dalits by going to their homes.