‘When Nepal , Bhutan are free, why not Kashmir’

Jharkhan PHD Chamber States Chairman leaves non-local members red faced

Gulmarg, Apr 30: Non-State members at ‘PHD Chamber States’ Conclave’ here in Ski resort Gulmarg objected when one of the members from Jharkhand in his address made some frank assertions about Kashmir.
Speaking at the concluding session of the two-day ‘PHD Chamber States’ Conclave’ at Gulmarg which was chaired by Anil Khaitan the national president of the PHD Chamber, the Chairman of Jharkhand Chapter Pawan Bajaj said that there is no problem if Kashmir remains independent. “Nepal is an independent country and so is Bhutan. What’s the problem with Kashmir if it remains independent,” he said leaving all the non-state members from different states of Indi red faced.
Bajaj went ahead saying that only problem India is having with the people of Kashmir is that they raise Pakistani flags. “Everything is fine but the problem arises when people hoist Pakistan flags. Today if people of Kashmir want independent Kashmir there should be no problem. Nepal and Bhutan are independent countries,” he said adding that they have no problem if people want free Kashmir.
Some non-local members objected to his remarks while many appreciate him for his avowals. The locals present there burst into laughter and hailed him while some of the non-local members asked him to stop.
Pawan Bajaj was all praise for the people of Kashmir. “People of Kashmir are so lovable. They live in harmony and one is unable to differentiate between a Hindu and a Muslim,” he said.
He said that it is the responsibility of the PHD Chamber States to issue a statement and ask government to hang the rapists of little Kathua girl. “This ghastly rape incident should not be looked through the prism of religion,” he said.
Later speaking on the sidelines of the Conclave to this Reporter, Pawan Bajaj said there was nothing wrong in his assertions. “A conscious Indian should think that media is playing negative role vis-à-vis Kashmir. The death of civilians in Kashmir is not a news for them. They can discuss the death of Sri Devi for a month but have no courtesy to discuss a single civilian death in Kashmir,” he said.
Bajaj, who is also a Journalist and is the Director of a leading national Daily for Jharkhand edition said that Kashmir is a crime free state and it is the safest destination for women tourists. (CNS)