Jasrotia’s elevation another added insult to injury, CM must answer: NC

Jasrotia’s elevation another added insult to injury, CM must answer: NC
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Srinagar, Apr 30: National Conference Monday condemned in the strongest of terms the elevation of BJP MLA Rajiv Jasrotia as a Minister in the State Government despite his presence at the Hindu Ekta Manch rally that sought to trivialize the barbaric and brutal rape and murder of a young child in Rasana, Kathua. Terming Jasrotia’s inclusion in the Council of Ministers as shameful and tragic, NC State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said this shocking development had yet again exposed the inherent sadism and opportunism of the PDP-BJP Alliance as also the hypocrisy and complete surrender on part of the Chief Minister.
The NC State Spokesperson also strongly condemned the unacceptable and insensitive remarks of Deputy Chief Minister, Kevinder Gupta who has termed the Kathua incident as a “small issue”. Hitting out at the PDP-BJP Government, the NC Spokesperson said the heinous and heart-rending tragedy in Kathua was anything but a small issue and was a barbaric manifestation of a politics of divisiveness and communalism being practiced by the powers that be. “If Kevinder Gupta thinks the Kathua issue was a ‘small issue’, then why were two BJP Cabinet Ministers forced to resign after national outrage over their patronage to the divisive Hindu Ekta Manch? Had this been a ‘small issue’, Kevinder Gupta wouldn’t have been inducted today to fill the vacancies caused by those forced resignations. His remarks are utterly insensitive, outrageous and unacceptable and reveal the deep malice that forms the basis of BJP’s politics in the State”, the NC Spokesperson said.
The NC State Spokesperson also questioned the sleeping conscience of the Chief Minister and her party which continued to remain apoplectic and subservient in the face of repeated remarks such as these from BJP Ministers and leaders. “For PDP to term these utterly cringe worthy remarks as ‘careless’ is another tragedy in itself and shows how low the party has stooped to remain in power despite the dignity of the State and its peoples being ridiculed with each passing day. Fact of the matter is that Mehbooba Mufti failed to act when the two former Ministers in her cabinet attended the Hindu Ekta Manch rally and was forced to react after national outrage over the issue. Today it has become clear beyond any doubt, yet again, that Mehbooba Mufti has lost the moral right to govern and pretend to be anguished over what happened in Kathua. She along with her colleagues, alliance partners and Ministers have and continue to add salt to the gaping wounds of the child’s family”, the NC Spokesperson added.
“While it would be foolish to expect PDP to take a stand on this issue, one hopes the Chief Minister realizes the grave costs of her surrender for power and introspects on how her Government has brought the state on the precipice of tumult. PDP should stop playing both sides and realize that their fixed-matches with the BJP don’t amuse the people anymore. The people have now witnessed their deceit and treachery and are well aware of their lack of conviction and conscience”, the NC Spokesperson added.