Ties between Congress and Trinamool Congress going haywire yet again

Kolkata: The political ties between Congress and Trinamool Congress are headed for a collapse, as both parties have hardened their stance against each other. While the Congress has decided to take on Mamata Banerjee in the upcoming panchayat polls in West Bengal, the Bengal chief minister also refused to back the Congress-led impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of India.
Even though ties between Banerjee and Congress president Rahul Gandhi had been strained for some time now following Gandhi’s decision to ally with the CPM in the 2016 assembly elections in Bengal, both parties were trying hard to find some common ground before the 2019 general elections.
But efforts at reconciliation didn’t seem to progress much as was seen from the recent incidents. According to insiders in Trinamool Congress, Banerjee may avoid reconciliation with Gandhi this time, and would rather wait for election results before entering into any kind of coalition.
“Mamata Banerjee led the Opposition’s protest against demonetisation and the hurriedly implemented GST, not the Congress. All Opposition leaders followed her. She is a leader and doesn’t follow anybody. But the impeachment motion was planned and designed by Congress,” a senior leader of Trinamool Congress close to Banerjee said.
Banerjee recently said that she did not support the impeachment move despite requests from Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, and had in fact advised against such a move against the judiciary. She has also expressed her displeasure against the ‘one-upmanship’ of Congress, but has maintained a working relationship with all Opposition leaders, including the Gandhis, said .