Secret for the perfect abs

Every boy and girl openly or secretly wishes for that elusive firm and flat stomach. Borne from popular myth and beliefs, stomach crunches are deemed the best exercise for flat stomachs.
But how true is this claim? Rather, have crunches ever helped anyone get the perfect abs? We think not. Every exercise has to be separated from fact and fiction. Today, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Arnav Sarkar takes a look at myths about abs and discloses the hard core facts.
The claim: Crunches and situps are the best exercises for ab training and that’s all you need.
Situps and crunches are two exercises that will surely hit your abs, but not the best. Exercises like dumbell windmills, hanging leg raises, Turkish get
up, full contact twists, etc will work your core region a lot harder! In fact even non abdominal exercises like squats, overhead presses, renegade rows, etc
will hit your abs hard too. Unlike crunches and situps these exercises do not isolate the abs and require you to use a lot more muscle groups in each rep, thus making
the whole body work a lot harder for burning more calories and a better hormonal profile, both of which will give you a leaner and more defined midsection.
The myth: Crunches and situps are great for spot reduction and burn belly fat fastest.
Spot reduction does not happen in reality! Your body loses fat from all over when you start losing fat. And body fat needs to be eliminated via your diet and high
calorie burning workouts! Isolation exercises like crunches and situps are too easy to burn significant amount of calories or create any real afterburn following
your workout. You will probably need to do more than 50,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of fat, but you can use that time and effort to do far more effective
exercises and get the job done in much lesser time.