Means of Transportation and its Concerns

Basharat Saleem

In religous scriptures it is laid down that the World will shrink, the developments and advancements in means of transportation and communications technology has unfolded this secret.
Relevance of Passenger transport:- the importance of passenger transport is realised when during Hardtal / Bandh call/Civil Curfew a passenger has to travel a few Kilometers by foot.And on asking for Lift from private transporters most of whom not only ignore the same but are annoyed too.
Passenger Vehicle Driver:-A friend in all odds and Joyfull moments whether a delivery case,an emergency health related case, or himself falling a victim of on going turmoil in valley or whether accompanying during movements of happiness like picnics or wedding parties.
Fatalaties and Casualities:-It is estimated that as many as 46% more people in Jammu and Kashmir(Indian Administered Part of the state) were killed in accidents than in violence over more than a last decade.
Negligent and Drunken Driving: Both passenger and private tranporters play with the lives of people and of themselves by totally ignoring the traffic laws by resorting to rash and negligent driving which becomes more severe when driving is carriedout under the influence of intoxication.
Scufle and half way journey:- Often there is observed scufle between commuters and drivers over fares which can be resolved if the Motor Vehicle Deptt issues regular rate lists for the same,and exhibits them in concerned passenger vehicles. The people coming from northern kashmir are mostly dropped at parimpora ,which forces Passengers to hire other means of transport for their entry into Srinagar City ,thereby putting them in distress and discomfort and the passenger vehicles coming from Central Kashmir meet a discriminatory approach ,while vehicles coming from areas like Budgam, Hyderpora,Rengreth etc. drop their passengers at Jehangir Chowk and People coming from Charare-Sharief and Chadoora(Half Journey) drop their passengers at Cargo or Iqbal Park which becomes pain sticking during odd weather days more worrysome for elderly,sick and women folk, which creates positive doubts about the working of Associated responsibles, Traffic Cops and their higher ups . Same is the story with all the traffic coming from all directions into Srinagar City.
Failure of Govt: So for Govt has failed in checking the all above miseries and misfortunes by not imparting proper education regarding Motor Vehicle Act/Rules and Related Laws ,Traffic symbols , signs and signals and not organising seminars and workshops for educating general public and concerned people and not making effective use of print and electronic media for educating the same.
Hence summing up we can conclude that there is need for strict adherence of the traffic Laws and transparent implementing authority for the smooth regulation of traffic throughout the length and breadth of the state
Concluding in the Mystic Poetic Stanzas of Alama Iqbal (R.A),Shiekhul Alam(R.A) and

Dua taught by Prophet (P.B.U.H)
Shagufta Ho Ke Kali Dil Ki Phool Ho Jaye
Yeh Iltijae Musafir Qabool Ho Jaye
Naave Vasakh Kine Voukhloe Khasak
Douhas Cheout Karakhne Lasak Mou
Subhanalazi Sakharalana Hazaa Wa Ma Kuna Lahu Muqrineena Wa Ina Ila Rabina La Munkaliboon.

The author is Practising Advocate at Chamber No 104,J&K High Court ,Srinager Wing.