11 tricks that’ll change your shape


11 doable diet tips that’ll take you to slimming success in the long run Slimming doesn’t have to mean making dramatic changes to your lifestyle overnight. In
fact, small — often apparent — changes added together can make a big difference to your weight loss. Follow these top tips for the tiny steps that can lead to long-term success.
1. Get active…one step at a time You don’t have to shell out on signing up for an expensive gym membership or a personal trainer. Try becoming more active one step at a time and slowly increase the amount you do each day and week.
2. Swap the car for a walk on short journeys Whether it’s walking the kids to school or parking a little further away from work and walking the difference, finding small, manageable ways to build activity into your everyday life will make it easier to keep up your fitness regime.
3. Get into a new ‘groove’ Successful long-term weight loss isn’t only about eating differently, it’s about developing healthy new habits that you can keep up for
life. Often they become so ingrained that you don’t even know you are doing them. This is called getting into the new ‘groove’.
4. Swap thinking about end goal for small targets Losing weight is a lifestyle change, not a race.
Thinking about your end goal can be daunting, especially if you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, so break your weight loss down into more manageable targets.
This could be how much you want to lose each week or thinking about your weight loss one kilo at a time. You will soon look back and realise just how far you’ve come.
5. Swap impromptu eating for planned meals When you don’t have anything in the fridge, the cupboards are bare and you are starving hungry, it’s easy to be tempted by speedy convenience foods. Planning your meals ahead and even cooking in advance keeps you in control and you don’t waste food or money.
Making a list before hitting the supermarket is a great idea, too, so you won’t be tempted by those sneaky offers at the end of the aisles.
6. Swap going it alone for support Research shows that slimmers who get support by joining a group of like-minded slimmers are more likely to be successful than
those who go it alone.
7. Swap separate meals for healthy
family food
When we embark on a diet, we often expect to have to eat differently to the rest of our family, and the thought of having to force down a salad while everyone enjoys their favourite meal can be off-putting to say the least.But by making small changes to the way you cook your food, you can enjoy all your family favourites,
from curry to spaghetti bolognese, and everyone will benefit from your new healthy recipes.