Pak death row terrorists acquitted in school attack case

Karachi: Two terrorists who had been sentenced to death in a terror attack case were on Sunday acquitted by a Pakistani anti-terrorism court in another attack on a private school in 2013 in Karachi.
The judge acquitted Saad Aziz alias Tin Tin and Tahir Hussain Minhas alias Saeen in a case in which they were accused of throwing hand grenades at a school in North Nazimabad here in March, 2013.
Saad and Tahir who were students at a prestigious university here have already been sentenced to death in the Safoora case when they were found guilty of being part of an eight-member gang which stormed a passenger bus in Safoora Goth on May 13, 2015, and gunned down 46 members of the minority Shia Ismaili community, including women.
The two death row convicts and three other members of their group have appealed against their death sentences in the Supreme Court.