PDP terms implementation of 7th Pay Commission historic measure

Confrontational approach with employees now a thing of past: Mansoor Hussain

Srinagar, Apr 25: The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday termed the implementation of the 7th pay commission in Jammu and Kashmir a historic measure, stating that for the first time in state’s history, the employees were accorded the due rights sans any chaos or confrontation.
In a statement, the PDP General Secretary Mansoor Hussain Soharwardhy said the fact has been hailed and endorsed by one and all that Jammu and Kashmir has become the first state in entire India which has implemented the pay hike – a decision that would benefit around five lakh employees and pensioners in the state.
Mansoor said that despite the financial constraints being witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir and the plethora of liabilities left behind by the previous government as its trademark, the Chief Minister Mehboba Mufti battled all odds to accord the employees their due rights. “It reflects the pro-people governance, selflessness and assiduousness in the system of functioning and invincible will to get the state out of the crises and ensure the system of fair play and justice prevails all across,” Mansoor said.
He added that despite the fact that financial implications for the implementations of 7th pay commission recommendations would be Rs 4201 crore annually while financial implications on account of one-time arrears would be Rs 7477 crores, the state government went ahead with the decision as it had promised with the employees that there wouldn’t be this time any need to hit the streets for the fulfillment of the demands. “Everyone in the state is witness to the fact that during the tenure of the past regime, the employees in hordes had to hit the streets, spend time in police detentions and lock offices for months for the implementation of the 5th and 6th pay commission. That anarchy has now become history and thing of a past. Mehbooba Mufti is being widely hailed for her courage and invincible will to get the state out of times of chaos and confrontation,” said the PDP General Secretary.
Mansoor said the pay hike hasn’t only benefited the five lakh employees and pensioners alone but has only come as a major relief for their families as well. “The government since inception has remained at the very forefront to shun the path of comfort and not to substitute words for actions. There is no resting for any of us till we redeem our pledge in full and realise the dream of late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed who strived for the prosperous future of the state, ” said PDP General Secretary.
Mansoor reiterated further that besides striving for the financial and political stability of the state, the government led by the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has been tirelessly working to put lid over the menace of unemployment taking toll among the educated youth of the state.
The PDP General Secretary appealed the Chief Minister to take measures so that the new avenues of employment are provided to the youth of the state at an earliest. “The government is already committed to accord dignified and honorable life to the youth of the state and provide them the platform so that their talent could get channelized in a proper direction. We are sure that the new horizons of prosperity and growth are in the offing,” Mansoor said in a statement. (KNS)