Don’t divide people

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Clerics are under fire for delivering hate speeches. The separatist have trained their guns at them and have asked the clerics not to deliver hate speeches and refrain from dividing the people on the sectarian lines.
It’s not for the first time that clerics have been targeted for delivering hate speeches. In the past also clerics have been caught on the wrong foot.
Many people believe that clerics should not rake political issues during the Friday sermons and need to concentrate on the issues which touch the skin of a common man.
There are many social issues which need to be deliberated upon. But the clerics are ignoring the vital issues.
“Oppressed nation of Kashmir cannot tolerate hatred on the basis of creed. Refrain from spreading this hatred or otherwise we will ask nation to boycott you,” said JKLF chief Yasin Malik.
Hatred and division in the name of religion and creed cannot be tolerated. This can lead to a bigger conflict and add to the prevailing tension in the Valley.
Clerics need to concentrate on issues which are eating the vitals of the society. The prevailing social evils and growing waywardness in the society is a cause of concern. Clerics should concentrate on these issues and make the people aware about the growing social evils within the Kashmiri society.
One hopes that the clerics who are spreading hate and are spitting the venom mend their ways and focus on the activities which are not anti-Kashmir.
On Sunday Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti also asked the clerics to spread the message of peace and focus on the activities which bring people closer rather than pushing them away from each other.