‘Sehar’ holds debate on Kashmir Conflict at Kargama Langate

Handwara, Apr 22: A friendly discussion on “The Kashmir Conflict & its possible Resolutions” was organized by “Sehar” today at T.R.C. Kargama Langate.
The idea behind the discussion was to understand the effects of the Turmoil over the past nearly three decades in Jammu & Kashmir & possible ways to minimize the impact of this turmoil. Thus “Sehar” proposes to build a Think Tank who would pursue the Kashmir Conflict in a Strategic & Planned manner.
After nearly four hour long discussion the following points were recognized.
Violence can in no way be considered a path to the resolution of the Kashmir Conflict. If all the three parties India, Pakistan & Kashmir resort to violence the only possible outcome can be destruction & death.
All the three parties involved should initiate distinctive measures to ensure non-violence & lay foundations for meaningful dialogue instead of playing blame game.
Violence if at all required should be the last option providing that all other ways of resolving “The Kashmir Conflict” have failed.
It is the moral responsibility of the Civil Societies of Jammu Kashmir to educate the youth to shun violence & adopt a non-violent way towards the resolution of Kashmir Conflict.
People of Kashmir have a right to live with Dignity & Honour. They must be allowed to protest/express peacefully against any atrocities.
Jammu Kashmir has suffered heavily on economic & educational fronts. In order to restore balance these two sectors need to be attended on priority basis especially the education sector which needs to be attended on a war footing.
The turmoil also turned out be a breeding ground for people with vested interests who want to keep this pot boiling for their personal interests. It is time that people of Jammu Kashmir identify these people & weed them out.
India should adopt practical measures to establish confidence building measures. A diplomatic team should be assigned to deal with “The Kashmir Conflict” at the earliest if India is genuine about “The Kashmir Conflict”.
All people of Kashmir are stake holders & thus all have an equal right in deciding the destiny of Kashmir.
“The Kashmir Conflict” is merely a Political issue between India & Pakistan. In fact this is the excuse that both of these countries have used to build up their nuclear capabilities. As such Kashmiri’s refuse to be scapegoats for India & Pakistan.
The impact of this Political Conflict has been such that it has now evolved into a Social Conflict & has taken a much heavier toll of the social life of people of Kashmir.
Various Organizations claiming to be the representatives of the aspirations of people Kashmir have failed miserably. Thus arises a need for educating people at mass levels about the nature of Kashmir Conflict & its possible outcomes under various scenarios. (KNS)