SC observations on use of turban ‘infringement in the religious affairs’: APSCC

Srinagar, Apr 23: All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) has reacted sharply to the observations made by the apex court of India regarding wearing of turban by the members of Sikh community. The APSCC has termed it as an infringement in the religious affairs of the community.
In a statement, APSCC Chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina said that a delicate issue like religion needs to be taken up in a sensitive manner by the Supreme Court. He said that wearing of turban is necessary and imperative for all the Sikhs living in any part of the world. He demanded immediate roll back of the observation made by the Supreme Court.
“A religious duty like wearing of turban is very close to heart of Sikhs living across the world. Anyone who casts aspersions in this regard can never be a friend of the community. All the ten gurus of Sikhs have stressed the need for wearing of turban and given this how can a Sikh tolerate any negative opinion over the same,” said Raina.
The APSCC Chairman said that turban is the Rehit (code) and it is considered to be Sikhism’s most discernible symbol. He said that Guru Gobind Singh had made it clear that a Sikh can easily be identified among thousands since he would be wearing a turban. “In countries like Britain, Canada, France and Australia objections were raised over the wearing of turban by Sikhs. However, the law makers of these countries and many others found that wearing of turban is a religious obligation for the Sikhs. Some of these countries amended the particular religious Act and mentioned that no Sikh should be harassed on the pretext that he is wearing a turban,” said Raina.
The APSCC Chairman said that India is a land of multiple religions and diverse cultures and the observation made by Supreme Court with regard to wearing of turban by Sikhs is totally uncalled for. He said that all the minorities especially Sikhs would feel insecure in India following the infringement in religious affairs by the apex court. (KNS)