Closure of tuition centres endorsement of failures: Cong

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Srinagar, Apr 22: Reacting to the closure of all private tuition centres in Kashmir valley for 90 days, Congress on Sunday expressed surprise over the move, describing it as the endorsement of the failures on the part of State Government.
The Party spokesperson while commenting on the closure of tuition centres said despite taking corrective measures to come over the situation, the new directive by Government added further chaos to the situation, as that the closure of tuition centres will ruin the career of the students, besides sending wrong and confusing signals among the common masses in valley.
Expressing surprise, the party spokesperson described the move as an endorsement of the failures on the part of Government, saying the closure will have a serious impact on the career of students specially for those who were preparing for entrance or normal examinations this year.
He said the protests by students should not be the reason behind the closure of tuition Centre, as that it was the responsibility of the Government to ensure congenial atmosphere, besides normal functioning of Schools and Colleges.
Closure of tuition centres is not going to benefit students, rather it will ruin their career badly for which the Government will be responsible, the spokesman said.
Urging upon the Government to revoke the closure, the party spokesperson added that Government should take corrective measures to contain the situation in order ensure that career of students is not ruined, besides ensuring that education system in the valley is not affected.
This move on the part of Government will certainly not serve any purpose, the fact of the matter is it will have serious implications on the education sector in the valley, the spokesperson said.