Setback for students

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Jammu and Kashmir government ordering the closure of coaching centers in the Valley for 3-months is a big setback for students.
The decision it seems has been taken to ensure that no student protests take place against the rape and murder of a Kathua girl.
The student protests are refusing to die and government has been ordering the closure of schools and colleges of and on for the past one month. On many occasions these protests have turned violent also and government fears that these could take an ugly turn if stern measures are not taken.
Closing down of coaching centers across Kashmir could leave students in a lurch and ruin their future prospects. If the protests die down then government can reconsider the decision to close down the coaching centers. One hopes that students should also realize that they cannot put their careers at stake.
They should allow the law to take its own course and let the court decide the fate of the accused. There is no doubt about the fact that students are angry and there is deep disconnect between the younger generation and the government.
The people at the helm should also introspect and try to see why younger generation is angry and what’s wrong with it.
Ordering closure of coaching centers and other educational institutions are short term measures. The government needs to frame up a long term strategy to ensure that students don’t suffer. During the past two years no such strategy has been devised. It’s high time for people at the helm to decide what they want to do and how they want to handle the crisis.