Old city at receiving end

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Frequent restrictions in Srinagar’s old city have become a routine. Whenever separatists call for a shutdown or protests authorities impose restrictions. If anything untoward happens in any part of Kashmir the old city becomes the first target.
Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq recently said tough and frequent security restrictions in old city have pushed the educated youth of the area to disadvantage in competing for government jobs.
People of old city have been at the receiving end for the past many years. Despite old city being heart of Srinagar it has been ignored by all the regimes.
Most youth hailing from old city don’t get the police clearance easily. They have to run from pillar to post to seek character certificate from the Police. Not many youth from old city get the government jobs. Most old city youth during all these years have set up small and big businesses to make their ends meet as they have realized that government won’t support them.
When Peoples Democratic Party was in the opposition it used to claim that when it comes into power it would ensure that lives of the youth would be made easy but three years have passed since the day PDP came into power but till date nothing has been done to make their lives easy.
It’s high time for the government to pay attention towards the plight of the youth not only in the old city but in other areas also so that they get a chance in the government sector also. The government cannot keep on pushing the youth to the edge. It has to come forward and help them to build their lives and careers.