Uncomfortable alliance

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When late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed forged an alliance with the BJP he had in mind to end the prolonged regional discrimination and divide. He had in his mind that sharing power with the BJP would mean giving representation to both the regions.
But the developments which have taken place during the past three years indicate that PDP has been on the receiving end.
The present regional and communal divide over rape and murder of minor girl in Kathua district has brought both Jammu and Kashmir to the edge.
PDP ensured that it condemns the barbaric incident. The Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti ensured that two BJP ministers who participated in the rally organized by Hindu Ekta Manch are shown the exit doors.
However, BJP is trying to stop erosion of its vote bank in Jammu region by playing the communal card.
Those who had initially supported the BJP’s move to share power with the PDP seems to be of the opinion that it has been a mistake. They are claiming that BJP has changed their views and alliance has proved to be a total failure.
Neither the regional discrimination has ended nor the BJP has been able to fulfill its poll promises. Similarly the PDP has been berated for forging an alliance with the saffron Brigade. This way neither the BJP has become a gainer nor the PDP has become a major loser.
Both the parties are caught between the devil and the deep sea and are trying to diffuse the crisis. If the crisis are not defused both the parties would end up on losing sides.