Law alone can’t ensure women’s safety, men’s mindset must change: Vice Prez


Dispur, Apr 18: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday said that a new legislation alone will not prevent such violence against women, but political will, as well as a change in the mindset of men, is requisite to end such crimes.
“This country, even after 70 years of Independence, is facing such problems. It is unfortunate that there are cases of atrocities against women in different parts of the country. We get disturbed as and when the incidents happen and forget about them later,” Naidu said after launching the Assam government’s new health assurance scheme — ‘Atal Amrit Abhiyan’ — here.
The vice president’s remark comes at a time when people across the country are protesting against the rape incidents in Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir and Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh.
“Merely bringing a bill is not enough. What is required is not a bill (alone), but political will, administrative skill to kill the social evil…There is a need for a change of mindset of men,” Naidu said.
The state and the central governments should implement the laws strictly to prevent such “heinous crimes”, he opined.
“People say they have every right in a democracy. For 2-4 days, TV channels will highlight the incidents. What happens after that?” he said, urging people to refrain from politicising the rape incidents.
The vice president also voiced his concern over discriminations among people on the basis of caste and religion.
“(In) this great civilisation, you discriminate people on the basis of religion or caste. And you don’t allow a person to come to temple? Irrespective of the differences.
India is one. North or South, East or West, India is the best,” he said. It is necessary for the people to preserve the culture and heritage of the country under all circumstances, Naidu said.
“Religion is worship, culture is way of life. You have different religions, no problem. But culture is one. You may be Hindu, Muslim, Christian, but the culture is one and it is Indian culture. That has to be respected by all. Plurality is beauty of the country,” he explained.
Without naming anyone, he said some people are trying to “bring a bad name to the country” by raking up controversies.
“We have to be careful about forces who try to vitiate the atmosphere. We should think in terms of bringing unity,” Naidu said. People should work together to end social discrimination by following values and ethics, the vice president added.