Junk foods ringing alarm bells

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As junk foods have become important feature of the eating menu round the world, Kashmiris too are substituting their traditional diet with items like snacks, chips, chocolates, sweets and cakes and could prove dangerous for the health of the young generation. The trend has, over the years, picked up in the valley with people, children in particular showing a considerable liking for the junk foods. The drift from customary diet to junk food has also brought with a degree of health hazards as young generation develop various ailments courtesy the usage of these items. Health experts say the ingredients heavy in fats, sugar and salts in these items can result in obesity, dental illness, ulcer, diabetes and other health problems. Looking at the ingredients contained in these junk foods like chips, snacks, chocolates, sweets and many other, these contain high fat, sugar and salt. Usage of these ingredients can cause so many health problems like obesity, ulcer, diabetes and other dental illness. It is also a fact that the children were giving up food high in fiber and were replacing it with the junk foods.
As such there is a need of making parents aware about the health hazards of using junk foods and also these items should carry a statutory message as we see in cigarette packets. Parents endeavour to have their children healthy can be achieved by feeding them with balanced diet having a required percentage of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts. Children carrying chips or snack with them rather than rice and other traditional diets is a common feature with vendors and shops selling these items outside the schools a regular sight. Some parents say the advertisement of these items by celebrities and a feel of western culture that the usage of junk food items give is responsible for the trend. Fact remains that the children of modern age were so habitual of consuming these items that it was difficult to make them to avoid these items. It is very difficult for parents to stop their children using junk foods as it has become an important part of their eating menu. The habit has developed so deep in the contemporary generation that parents at times use this as form of bribery.
If trend of consuming junk foods continues, a time in Kashmir when rice and other traditional recipes will make a way for burgers, sweets and snacks on the dining table will not be that far. The trend is very dangerous and if allowed to continue could prove disastrous for the health of young generation in Kashmir.