coughEssential tips for eye-care

Quick tips to take care of your eyesEyes are considered to be the most beautiful part of one’s face. And not just that, they are most delicate as well. Here’s how to take care of your eyes on a daily note to retain their beauty:Always make sure to cover your eyes with sunglasses when you are stepping out. It will protect eyes against UV rays and harsh sunlight. It also helps you protect your contact lenses, if you wear them.Remove eye make-up after stepping in home. Remove it gently using co-conut oil, olive oil or some good eye make up removing cream/solution.Also, do try to wear spectacles at home instead of your contact lenses. That ways your eyes will be much relaxed.Also, cornea infection due to contact lenses and its solution is very fre-quently heard these days. One must take care while using contact lenses.If your eyes feel stressed out, place cool eye pad and rest for 10-15 min-utes.You can also use cotton buds, dip them in rose water and put them on your eyes.If possible, do avoid wearing kajal as some particles can lead to form black layer under your eyes.Use a good eye cream or gel and apply it to your eyes before sleeping.