Where was glamour India for three months, asks Rasheed

Precious Kashmir News
Srinagar, Apr 13: Asking the Indian politicians and Bollywood celebrities all over India to answer why they kept complete mum for three months over Asifa’s rape and murder case, independent leader and MLA Langate Er Rasheed said that Congress needs to answer many genuine questions before trying to show false sympathy for Asifa.
The spokesman in a statement quotes Er Rasheed saying “Congress president should answer that why did he respond only when Indian TV channels took up the issue and made a joke of outrage by majority community in J&K for three months. It looks strange that those celebrities who are always quick and sharp to respond to sensitive issues could wake up only when the TV channels had no option but to talk about the heinous crime after the shameful incident made headlines in international media”.
Rasheed added that keeping mum for three months has exposed the mindset of Indian politicians and celebrities besides the intellectual class. He challenged Rahul Gandhi to speak over Kunan Poshpora and Aasia and Neelofar rape cases too. “Not only Rahul Gandhi but Indian TV channels, celebrities and all those who are trying to prove themselves champions of women’s rights need to answer that how could those incidents of gang rape carried out by the army and other agencies be of less significance. The silence over Kunan-Poshpora and Shopian incidents has also exposed national media and it is proved beyond any doubt that for Indian state raping Kashmiris in Kunan Poshpora and Shopian serves the national interest and seeking justice for them makes everyone antinational”.
Rasheed appealed world community to take notice that how Indian state, society, politicians and media have been selective in condemning, highlighting, probing and protesting the heinous crimes of rape as denying justice to Kunan Poshpora victims and Aasia and Neelofar has been portrayed as a service to the nation and it is shameless that whenever Kashmiris demanded justice for Kunan Poshpora and likewise incidents, state and media would say that probing the incident would demoralize the forces.