IUFA condemns HR violations in Kashmir


Srinagar, Apr 13: Islamic University Faculty Association (IUFA) on Friday has called for an immediate end to the civilian killings, use of pellet guns, flagrant attempts to obstruct justice in the Kathua minor gang rape and murder case, cases of gross human rights abuses like incidents of human shields, which have escalated the tension and added to the suffering of Kashmiris.
The spokesman in a statement condemns the spree of civilian killings in the valley. It denounces the use of pellets which have left thousands severely injured and maimed for life with hundreds permanently blinded. While calling the situation in the valley bleak and brazen, Islamic University fraternity is deeply saddened and pained at the horrendous Kathua minor gang rape and murder and calls for exemplary punishment to the culprits and stern action against their supporters.
It has also demanded death penalty for child rape cases in the state and elsewhere. IUFA looks with deep concern at the blockade caused by a section of the society particularly by lawyers in the delivery of justice and protests against the blatant attempts by them, various political workers, and co-conspiring police officials to communalize this case.
The spokesman added that IUFA is of the opinion that regardless of the religious beliefs every human soul on this planet should be ashamed of such heinous crimes and should do everything possible in bringing the culprits to justice.
IUFA also calls for an immediate stop of force and violence against the student community of the valley, whose lives are put at risk by muzzling their freedom of expression by not allowing peaceful protests and by blockage of all channels of communication. Teachers are also concerned about the overall impact on education.
The IUFA also demands dispensation of justice and severe punishment to the culprits of Shabir Ahmad Mango, a college lecturer, who was killed on the night of August 17, 2016. The forum expressed dismay and disappointment over the delay of justice.
The forum calls for immediate initiation of talks with all stake holders so that the human tragedy in the length and breadth of the valley and elsewhere is not perpetuated infinitely.