Black sheep in dock

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The Crime Branch probe into the rape and murder of a minor Kathua girl has brought to fore how a few black sheep within the Police department tried to destroy the evidence to save the accused.
It’s unfortunate that a police officer and his subordinate besides destroying the evidence concocted a story just for the sake of money.
Many people believe that had the state government not handed over the case to Crime Branch for the probe all these facts would have never come to fore. The accused had made a fool proof plan by greasing the palms of the police officials.
One needs to appreciate the role of Crime Branch sleuths. They have not missed any angles. Crime Branch is also a part of Jammu and Kashmir Police but it ensured that all the angles are explored and the wrongs committed by the people who were entrusted with the investigation of this case are undone.
By acting against its own men J&K Police have driven home a point that no one is above the law. The men in uniform should realize that their duty is t enforce law and protect the common man. And this time around it has been proved beyond doubt that if anyone tried to commit breach of trust he would have to face the consequences. The investigating officer of the case before it was entrusted to the Crime Branch tried his best to put a blame on one person in order to save the big sharks but at the end the law has prevailed and the charge sheet in the case has been produced. The CB sleuths despite facing pressure from all the sides didn’t give up and took the investigation to its logical end.