Zimbabwe play smashes taboo, mocking ousted Mugabes

Harare: “The president is in charge and that means me too,” says Zimbabwe’s “former first lady Grace Mugabe” to howls of laughter from the theatre audience.
“Everyone must rally behind me, the mother of the nation. I am the wife of the president.”
“Grace” was on the stage of Harare’s Theatre in the Park, brought to life by actress Carol Magenga in a recent three-day run of a production called “Operation Restore Regasi”.
The play, which chronicles the final days of former president Robert Mugabe’s rule, marks a watershed in Zimbabwe, where satirical productions that mocked Mugabe used to be ruthlessly suppressed. It has been a resounding hit with audiences starved for decades of incisive and topical humour – and so far, there has been no official backlash.
Trevor Chisvo, a 26-year-old teacher, called the dialogue, a mix of English and Shona, “hilarious”.