State, Centre responsible of deteriorating situation in JK: Monga

Srinagar, Apr 12: Holding both State & Centre Govt for the deteriorating situation both in Kashmir & Jammu provinces, the J&K PCC Vice President & MLC Ghulam Nabi Monga Thursday expressed serious concern over prevailing situation in the State, saying that Kashmir is bleeding and Jammu is being communalized by saffron Party to serve its vested interests.
In a statement, Monga described the prevailing situation in the state as an outcome of the anti-people policies adopted by State & Centre, saying that the anger in the valley has converted into hatred as a result, there is a deep alienation among the people.
The regular incidents of civilian killings in the valley was responsible for volatile situation, the irony is that State Govt led by PDP despite repeated assurance on civilian killings, has miserably failed to put an end to killings.
He also blamed BJP RSS for communalizing Jammu to serve their vested interests, saying that Jammu people are being misled on different counts. The support to culprits of rape & brutal murder of eight year girl Asifa by Saffron Party is a well- planned strategy to gain political mileage out of this horrific crime, which is not possible, as no responsible person of the society will support this wrong initiative.
Adding that BJP is playing politics on the blood of innocent behind the curtain, but they must know, the people of Jammu have full knowledge about the conspiracies being hatched by saffron party, he felt confident that people will not allow the BJP RSS to misled them on the blood of innocent, he said. (PTK)