Lawyer’s org calls blocking filing of Charge sheet as ‘Shameful blot on the legal community’

New Delhi, Apr 12: Srinagar: The Lawyers Forum for Democracy and Justice and Indian Association of People’s Lawyers have condemned the ‘obstruction’ by lawyers in filing the chalan in Asifa rape and murder case and have called it a ‘shameful blot on the legal community’ while appealing legal bodies to take action against the lawyers involved in it, according to a report.
“We condemn the obstruction of the filing of charge sheet in the said matter as inhuman, illegal, unethical and shameful. We hope that better sense will prevail and the legal community facilitates justice rather than obstructing functioning of the criminal justice system,” Lawyers Forum for Democracy and Justices’ press release said .
The release accordingly called the obstruction a ‘shameful blot on the legal community’ and requested the bar council of Jammu and Kashmir and bar council of India to take appropriate disciplinary action against the erring advocates.
“It has further requested the high court of J and K and the Supreme court to transfer the trial to another state,” reports said.
India association of people’s lawyers also issued a press release condemning the lawyers action.
“We at IAPL strongly condemn the communal propaganda of the right wing organization and the lawyers who are obstructing justice, instead of upholding the due process of law. We believe that all people should have access to the courts without intimidation or fear, however, these incidents where lawyers are involved in intimidation and assault, do not inspire confidence amongst the general public. Such action as are likely to influence or hinder the application of principles of natural justice’, the press release said.
They have asked Kathua Bar Association to stop interfering in the investigation so that a free and fair investigation is ensured.