Govt ask departments to update websites regularly

Govt ask departments to update websites regularly
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Srinagar, Apr 11: Following the reports that most of the departments were not updating content on official websites, the government has directed all its departments to update official websites on a regular basis.
Sources in the government said that all department heads, principal secretaries and secretaries, have been asked to issue directions to all the subordinate officials to put regularly all the information into the official websites. “All HoDs are hereby requested to ensure that contents in the websites of departments are updated regularly and old and irrelevant information shall be removed,” sources quoting government directions said.
“For general public, apart from the media, department websites are a main source of information about the works done by the government and that it is necessary to update websites of departments regularly,” the government has said.
Sources said that it has come to the notice that some departments of government are not updating their contents of their websites on regular basis.
One of the top officials of the government said that the government had directed departments several times to update official websites on regular basis so as to provide updated information about government’s works to the people.
However, the websites of most of the departments were either not updated or defunct, or the old and irrelevant information was not been removed from there.
It is to mention here that cursory look at several government websites also indicates that the departments had ignored the directives of SIC and not putting up the important information.
When one clicks website of some departments, some unknown website gets displayed.
Several colleges have also failed to update their websites for months despite directives of the government. The government in February last year directed principles of government degree colleges to establish official websites of their respective colleges. Several departments have given wrong contact numbers and official address on their websites. The official said that updating websites was one of the measures the government directed to make administration responsive and transparent.
One such direction of government was creation of WhatsApp groups by the district development commissioners of all districts of the state.
The DDCs were directed in 2016 to create WhatsApp groups for receiving complaints and grievances. However, sources said that most of the DDCs did not adhere to the government directions neither created Whatsapp groups.
Sources said that few DDCs have created the Whatsapp groups but could not continue due to their transfers.
“Few DDCs have blamed the frequent transfers (violation of transfer policy) of bureaucrats that they could not continue to receive complaints and grievances through WhatsApp,” one of the officials of the government said.
There are many examples where officials have been transferred but are still as heads of departments, where they are no more holding these posts.
When one clicks the Public Health Engineering Department website, some unknown website gets displayed, with content in an unknowingly language. “This issue has been brought into the notice of authorities but to no avail. It seems that authorities are not concerned about updating the information on the website,” sources in the PHE department said.
Since the PDP-BJP formed the government headed by Mehbooba Mufti, the authorities announced several measures to make the administration responsive and transparency in the governance. (KNS)