Garbage creates nuisance, residents SDM Sankoo’s intervention

Mansoor Hussain

Kargil, Apr 12: Resentment is brewing among the people of village Lankerchey and its adjoining areas as garbage accumulates at sangku-Pey-Gorung near the old TV station, raises concerns about garbage that is being dumped there.
The place “tukmasi zang” are now littered with rising garbage mounds raising apprehensions of becoming health hazards soon.
A heap of unattended garbage could be seen there, which poses serious threat to the health of the people living in these localities.
The situation is deplorable where open plots have turned into garbage dumps with plastic bottles and other materials.
Mohd Sadiq a resident of the area said that people were falling ill due to unhygienic conditions prevailing in the neighbourhood.
Besides this, burning of plastic bags and other waste material are also contributing to the air pollution besides putting the residents at the risk of respiratory and other diseases.
People of the area sought intervention of Sub Divisional Magistrate (Sankoo) Kargil to look into the matter and take action in this regard.