Bloodbath pushes Kashmir to edge

Bloodbath pushes Kashmir to edge
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, Apr 11: Four more killings in a day have rattled Kashmir once again.
An analyst while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “It’s unfortunate that Kashmiri youth are getting killed everyday and situation is taking an ugly turn.”
He said, “Kashmir has turned into a battlefield. If New Delhi doesn’t open the talks channel bloodshed won’t stop. Young boys are dying everyday and it’s a dangerous trend.”
Kashmiri leaders have been urging New Delhi to give up its rigidity and do something to address the Kashmir issue. “Unfortunately it’s not happening,” he added.
The Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has been urging India and Pakistan to give up hostilities and find a middle away to end the bloodshed on the borders and in the Valley.
A Kashmir watcher said, “BJP seems to be ignoring the fact that PDP has put everything at stake by entering into an alliance with the saffron party. Despite repeated attempts being made by the PDP, BJP is not ready to listen.”
“War like situation at the Line of Control and at International Border and within the Kashmir Valley depicts that New Delhi has decided to go ahead with the iron fist policy,” he added.
An expert said that a few people are claiming that PDP and BJP entering into an alliance have worsened the situation but the fact is that situation had worsened well before both the parties entered into an alliance. “Besides situation being volatile in the Valley India and Pakistan are at the brink of the war and anything can happen anytime. New Delhi seems insensitive towards the hardships being faced by the people in both Kashmirs.”
He said that since the day India and Pakistan stopped talking to each situation has become worse. “If both the countries don’t initiate the dialogue Kashmir will keep on burning,” he added.
A politician said, “Just issuing condemnations won’t work. Whenever killings take place politicians issue condemnation statements and end the day with it. They are not doing anything practical to end the killings.”
“Kashmiri politicians have to unite to end this bloodshed and bloodbath taking place on the streets of Kashmir,” he said, adding that “Its unfortunate that when NC is in power PDP blames it for the failures. When PDP is in power NC is blaming it for killings but the fact is that both the parties have failed to persuade New Delhi to give up its rigidity,” he added.