MCH Anantnag turns into beggars’ hub

Aman Malik
Anantnag, Apr 10: The Maternity and Child Hospital Anantnag has turned out to be the hub of beggars where the patients allege that they are being made to suffer by the hospital administration for not curbing the menace of begging inside the hospital wards.
The beggars were seen roaming in the wards and hospital premises. “The beggars have made the patients restless as off and on they visited the wards for extracting money from them” said one of the attendants wishing not to be named.
Another attendant said that the beggars who came in the wards are having contagious diseases’ and due to the weak immune system of the patients in surgical wards, they became vulnerable to the diseases.”
He further said that the hospital administration has turned a deaf ear towards the appeals made by the patients and attendants who pay no heed to them, “ Irony is that the administration is giving free hand in looting the patients and attendants in the name of alms”, he added
With the enormous increase of local and non-local beggars in Anantnag, these beggars have now learnt to survive inside hospital in Anantnag. They have marked particular areas of District as their special zones to beg around such as District Commissioner office Anantnag.
One of the social activists Shahnawaz Ali told Precious Kashmir said that “the authorities have failed to check the inflow of begging’s from other part of country that flocks to the valley for begging”, he said.
Medical Superintendent MCH Anantnag Dr. Zagoo said, “I will look into the matter.”