Lawyers’ action at Kathua ‘unfortunate’: Soz

Srinagar, Apr 10: Former union Minister and senior Congress leader, Prof. Saifuddin Soz on Tuesday expressed shock over the Kathua Bar Association’s action of preventing police from filing charge sheet in Asifa’s rape and murder case.
“I felt sad that some lawyers in Jammu speak in the name of Bar Association and they have openly joined the criminal elements and support the accused for the heinous crime of raping and killing of an 8 year old child,” Soz said while talking over phone.
“It is quite unfortunate that these lawyers show Jammu in poor light. The lawyer’s attitude is an insult to the genius of Jammu’s secular leadership of yester years and today’s Secular leaders belonging to the Congress Party and other Secular groups in Jammu,” he added.
“It is extremely unfortunate that some lawyers speak in the name of Jammu Bar Association and their behavior is an attempt to appease hard core elements of the RSS and the BJP, but they have decidedly brought bad name to Jammu,” former Union Minister said.
He said that “the so-called Bar Association seem to lack even a medium of Common Sense to appreciate that Jammu’s sons and daughters are serving the same J&K Police whose Crime Branch is successfully trying to bring criminals to Justice.” (KNS)