Jammu lawyers toeing to fringe elements not a good omen: Hakeem Yaseen

Srinagar, Apr 10: Observing that toeing of Jammu High Court Bar Association to the tunes of fringe elements on the issue of rape and murder of nomadic girl Asifa was not a good omen, Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has asked all saner elements irrespective of caste creed and religion particularly the Jammu civil society to unequivocally denounce the rape and murder of 8 year old innocent nomadic girl of Rasana village in Hiranagar.
He has also appealed to the various Jammu Lawyers Associations to desist from giving emotional color to this most barbaric and horrific incident and don’t create obstructions in its smooth and fair investigation.
In a statement, he said it doesn’t behoove well for a lawyers’ community to come in the way of justice delivery system.
Hakeem Yaseen has welcomed the steps to register FIR against those Lawyers who obstructed Crime branch sleuths to file charge sheet about the rape and murder case of Asifa, adding that it was most unfortunate that the Jammu Bar, which is supposed to represent law and justice, too has stooped to join communal elements on the nomadic girl Asifa’s case, who was kidnapped, repeatedly raped, killed and then mutilated.
“One fails to understand what has compelled Jammu Bar to indulge in such a shameful act to hinder justice process of a most horrific rape case,” Hakeem Yaseen said, adding that this in no way could be called sign of a civilized society.
He said, instead of obstructing, Jammu Lawyers should voluntarily come forward to assist crime branch in its investigation about this heinous crime.
He said J&K police is known as one of the best professional police in the country adding that Crime branch deserves kudos for completing investigation as quickly as possible.
He said one should not question professional capability of the J&K police only for the sake of political consideration.
Hakeem said Jammu Bar instead of falling in the cobweb of fringe elements should rise to the occasion to defeat there’s nefarious designs who want to use the issue for their communal agenda. “Such conspiracies would only weaken the age old traditions of communal harmony and brotherhood , which have been the hallmark of our composite culture and ethos, “Hakeem Yaseen added.
Hakeem has also called for humanitarian consideration of the Rohangia issue adding that they should not be harassed unnecessarily.
He said keeping in view the International obligations and human values, the hapless Rohangia migrants should not be forced to flee unless their genocide is stopped in Mayanmar and a practicable arrangement formulated for their safe deportation at international and national levels. (KNS)