Do teeth whitening pastes, gels help?

If you find yourself obsessing over having a minty white set teeth, it would be prudent to know how far you can go with the whitening process
Channel surf for a few minutes and you’ll notice advertisements on the tube, urging you to use a toothpaste that brightens your teeth. With so much focus on whitening one’s teeth, how safe are these toothpastes in the long run? The safety factor Cosmetic dentist Dr Sagar Shah says that while these over-the counter toothpastes are effective in whitening teeth, he says one should stick to FDA certified toothpastes in the long run. Adds cosmetic and aesthetic dentist Dr Rashika Vijan,
“Over-the-counter teeth-whitening toothpastes are effective only if one’s teeth are clean enough to be exposed to their ingredients. They contain peroxides, which have an oxidising effect on teeth and are safe when used in low concentrations.
Surface abrasive is another important component, which makes up to 50% of their bulk. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) dissolves the plaque formed on the
tooth surface and is non-abrasive in nature. Some toothpastes also use detergents for the purpose of freshness and higher concentrations of fluoride for desensitising effect and lesser cavity formation. These toothpastes are effective up to an extent as their constant use leads to whitening of teeth. Over-exposure of anything is bad in the long runand the same is true here. With long-term use, teeth tend to become
more sensitive as the enamel, the first protective layer, is constantly
exposed to the abrasive effect. It is best to consult your dentist before using these products.”