Rahul leads Cong protest on communal harmony


New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday arrived at Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial, Rajghat, afternoon to lead his party people on fast for communal harmony.
Gandhi who called himself an “idealist” in the acceptance speech as party president last December 16, earlier gave a call to Congress leaders and units across India to sit on a daylong fast to drive home the point of “BJP and RSS’ divisive political agenda “.
Gandhi, people close to him say, wants to take Congress back to the ideals of non violence and harmony, which Gandhi asserted.
Hence, the choice of location of the fast was at Rajghat.
Senior Congress leaders joined Gandhi in the fast on Monday days after the Budget Session of Parliament was washed out due to multiple disruptions.
The call for fast by Gandhi came moments after the BJP leaders announced a similar fast on April 12 to “expose” the “disruptive Congress”.
The BJP has sought to blame the Congress for the recent unprecedented Parliament washout while the Congress has levelled reverse allegations.
Congress media head Randeep Surjewala said the fast was meant to tell the people of India that the BJP was resorting to divisions in social and religious fabric of the country to win elections.
“We want to caution the people about BJP’s designs and tell them that they first divided Hindus and Muslims and are now trying to divide Dalits. We have to remember that India stands for unity and pluralism,” Surjewala said as he also fasted.
The politics of fasting by Congress and BJP comes on the eve of crucial Karnataka polls where the Congress is defending its turf and an aggressive BJP is making a pitch for victory.